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Studentenvereniging RSC/RVSV wil inclusie hoger in het vaandel hijsen.

The Corps wants to become more inclusive: ‘The goal is to provide more space to go out in Souss’

The attack was led by RSC/RVSV member Davine Perik and two other members, Martin and Annabelle. In a sunny, opulent room at the RSC/RVSV Association, 21-year-old Davin tells what prompted them to create more interest in inclusivity: “After I got out of the lock on my sexual orientation, I suddenly noticed that a lot of things were heterogeneous in the association. Traditions about The festivities, the dinners, all take into account the possibility that someone might not be upright.” And so, along with Martin and Annabelle, I came up with the idea of ​​approaching the new president, Friso van der Werf, and moving the association toward greater inclusivity together.

Her teammates and club’s reaction to Davines Out And his new girlfriend was very nice, says Davin. But not everyone finds it easy to get out: “Sometimes other members of a party trust me that they find it intimidating to share their tendencies in the assembly. There is not always a place to go out in soos, which is why some stay in it. I know from Martin that the boys More frank about homosexuality than women, for example.” Since August, they’ve been making plans – with board support – on how to make it clear that all members can be who they are in total freedom.

No need to arrange

President Friso van der Werf and Davin Perek.

Image source:
Wouter Sternburg

It started with the start of this year. Davin and van der Werve proudly report that the lesbian member spoke to 400 aspiring members about her sexual orientation. In it, I made it clear that you don’t have to comply and you can just be yourself.

A successful pride drink, hiring secret counselors to support LGBT members, and preparing for a first pride party are all cited as successes in the initiative’s first month. A good start, but Davin and van der Werf indicate they want to continue in that direction. They are aware of the military’s social standing. Davin: “The problems LGBT students face happen all over the student world and not just in our association. There is an unwarranted perception of the RSC/RVSV that we are more conservative than other associations, but that makes a stronger statement if we are truly committed to inclusion. The hope is that associations follow us. other”.

culture of silence

President Friso van der Werf points out that another stereotype, the culture of silence, is true to some extent. “But we want to break this taboo on publicizing violations.” He wants to get rid of the image that the army is an elite club where everyone has to adapt to one model. “I expect the picture to change over time, because we always tell you that everyone is welcome here. A few years ago we started changing the culture, and I see this as a positive continuation of that.” He continues proudly: “I think it’s great that this is an initiative that comes from the members themselves. They just started this project just now, but I think they’re going to come up with a lot of great plans.”

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