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The EU Council sends a proposal for faster construction of gigabit networks – IT Pro – News

There’s still a long way to go in 2030, and I think 8k will become more of a standard by then (if you can now say that 4k is actually a relative standard).
Only when the infrastructure is in place can you really start promoting things like working from home.
More employee time (no commute), less traffic, less traffic jams, fewer accidents.
Or work partly from home. For example, at home for first x hours and then in the office for a while to distribute the traffic.

Also, by then, the “gray population” will be more technology savvy than the current “gray population”. The average nursing home should certainly have a gigabit (or more). And by the time I’m there, the response time is also low for gaming… (keeps you on your toes at this age :+ )

But also the photos, videos, etc. will become larger and more frequent. Maybe even take virtual reality classes and the like.
If the access speed to data centers is high enough, it is also easier to centralize data storage and make it accessible from anywhere 24/7. (No, you don’t have to, but you can – of course the average addict would like to have people and a servant at home)

I’m really looking forward to it – although my 100Mbit/30Mbit VDSL connection is currently sufficient.
I have 4 kids and we can all watch Netflix/YouTube/Teams at the same time with no problems. But in the future???