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The European Commission wants clarification from Meta about the paid subscription |  Technique

The European Commission wants clarification from Meta about the paid subscription | Technique

In the letter, the Commission requests additional information about the actions the company has taken “to comply with its obligations regarding the advertising practices of Facebook and Instagram,” according to a press release. It also wants more clarification about the recommender systems that suggest certain content to users, and about the risk analysis conducted in connection with offering the subscription.

Since last fall, Meta has been offering Facebook and Instagram users a paid subscription without ads. This gives them the opportunity to choose not to see personalized ads. Nothing will change for users who do not want to subscribe.

With this formula, Meta wanted to comply with European rules on personal data protection (GDPR), but according to consumer organizations, it is nothing more than a “smokescreen” to hide violations of privacy legislation. On Thursday, eight associations filed a complaint against the subscription with their national authorities.

Requesting information is the first step in the procedure under the Digital Service Act (DSA). The Commission also previously asked Meta for further clarification on how the company addresses the protection of minors and the distribution of illegal content and misinformation in the context of the elections.

Meta must respond to subscription questions by March 22. On this basis, the Committee is considering possible next steps.

The DSA imposes new obligations on online platforms to protect their users from illegal content, misinformation and abuse. Refusing to cooperate or providing incorrect, incomplete or misleading information may result in severe financial penalties.

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