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The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is accused...

The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is accused…

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Two women, one of whom is a Member of Parliament, have accused Stanley Johnson of “indecent touching”. For example, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was said to have hit the butt of Conservative Party Caroline Knox. A political reporter says the man touched her.

Source: Sky News, BBC

Caroline Knox told Sky News that Stanley Johnson slapped her “as hard as he could” during a then-Conservative party conference in 2003. “I remember a really outstanding man, at the time when the Tory candidate for Tynbridge was in Devon, he hit me as hard as he could behind me and said : Rumsey, you have a beautiful back‘ says Knox.

Elbe Ria, political correspondent for new country state, says she was inappropriately touched at the 2019 Conservative Party conference. She did not say exactly what the touch was. Although it can be inferred from her Twitter message that it is a similar incident.

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“I am grateful to Caroline Knox for naming something that none of us should have to put up with, not least the PM’s father,” Rhea said on Twitter.

“no comment”

The BBC asked Johnson to respond, but the prime minister’s father said he had no recollection of the incident: “I don’t remember anything about Caroline Knox. No further comment. Good luck, thank you.”

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Downing Street said it would not make a statement about the allegations because they involved a “normal person”. “We do not condone anyone committing a criminal offence. But I will not be involved in allegations against an ordinary person,” a spokesman for the Prime Minister said.