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The federal government is considering a four-day working week: ``You can meet friends on your day off'

The federal government is considering a four-day working week: “You can meet friends on your day off’

What exactly is in the proposal?

Full-time employees would still work 38 or 40 hours in the system, but spread out over four instead of five work days. With the proposal on the table, the government therefore wants to encourage companies to offer longer working days – 9.5 hours. In return, the employee gets an extra day off.

Green Chair Merm Almasi supports the proposal, although some conditions remain. “In principle, we think it’s good for employee freedom, but of course it should be employee choice,” she says. “It’s about how he or she organizes his or her life. It has to fit in with people’s lives,” Almasi said.

Who is against the four-day work week?

Social partners should also be listened to, says Groen’s boss. The socialist trade union certainly does not support this idea. They believe that full-time employees should essentially work fewer hours per week. At the end of next week, the government will discuss the sectors in which the system can be introduced, and how to prevent the working day from becoming too long.

Are there companies that have already introduced a four-day work week?

Car rental company Dockx has already introduced the four-day workweek. The reception staff works a little longer each day, but they have an extra day off.

“You can implement more plans throughout the day. For example, you should not rush to the store, or you can meet friends on your day off,” says receptionist Timo Westerlink. However, he wonders if long work days and family can be combined, he says. “Then I may not be able to take the kids to school in the morning, or pick them up in the evening.”

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