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The first study in Snapshot 4 in Israel gives hope: "Antibody increase by five times a week"

The first study in Snapshot 4 in Israel gives hope: “Antibody increase by five times a week”

Now that booster injections are being used at a rapid pace in our country, a study in Israel showed that a fourth shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine increases the number of antibodies fivefold per week. The state will offer vulnerable groups a fourth opportunity.

tgsource: CNN

The results of the study are preliminary and have not yet been evaluated and published in specialized journals. But the results are very promising, say virologists and vaccinologists.

“This is really good news,” said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who welcomed the decision to recommend him.

“This is an indication of a very high probability that the fourth dose will protect the vaccinated people with a high degree of infection and to some extent against severe symptoms.”

Israel began rolling out a fourth injection of the Covid-19 vaccine on Monday for people aged 60 or over, as well as for health professionals. But this study, conducted at Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv, used two healthy hospital workers as test subjects.

Bennett’s spokesman said the findings raise the possibility of a fourth shot being fired at the general population, although the final decision will rest with Health Ministry Director-General Nahman Ashe.

The average daily cases in Israel for seven days are 5,273, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The highest seven-day average was 9,426 between August and September last year.