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The Flemish Minister of Information announced a gaming center that should support the gaming sector – games – news

The Flemish Minister of Information announced the construction of the Flemish Gamehub. This will be a physical place where Flemish developers can come together to work. Game Center Plans is one of the 25 points of the “Level Up Flanders” vision sheet.

Flemish Information Minister Benjamin Dahl wants 25 measures That is part of the vision statement It provides an answer to the three biggest challenges currently facing the Flemish gaming sector. These are: raising capital, developing more business skills to attract investors and increasing the international visibility of Flemish production. In addition, a number of specific measures should ensure the continued growth of the Flemish gaming sector.

For example, a Flemish game center will be created along the lines of similar initiatives in Italy, Finland and the Netherlands, where game developers can come together to network and collaborate. The shape of the Game Center will be concretely determined in the summer. The center should already be there in the fall.

The budget for the “Game Fund” of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund will also be increased. In 2022, it will increase to 2.9 million euros through restart funds, and from 2023 the fund will structurally contain 2.7 million euros. Previously it was 1.7 million euros. Flemish game developers can call on the game fund to financially support game production. The vision statement states that this fund can also be used with greater flexibility.

The Flemish minister sees gaming as a “rapidly growing economic and social phenomenon”. Outside annual survey From the Imec Research Institute Leuven, it appears that 37 percent of Flemish people had a gaming console at home in 2020. About 54 percent of those surveyed said they play every month.

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