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The former patio lends itself well to a new form of living

The former patio lends itself well to a new form of living

Inheritance of family friends Novigrad Lelystad is actually a scaled-down version of the Buurtschap Waaranders residential model that the concept developer is making progress on. With cheerful names like Hof van Fleur in Dronten, de Castanjitwen in Zwolle and Hugo Twain in Heerhogovard, the office wants to give substance to “the neighbors”. Apeldoorn municipality recently offered a space to develop the country’s first Frenden Irf family.

Dick Coster of Setanova says the Waaranders’ projects have a number of common features. ‘It’s for all ages. You live there independently, but you do things together, too.

Social space

There is a common botanical garden or orchard in every project. Each site has a social space, neighborhood shed. This could be a small workshop or a meeting space. Larger housing types also have a care function. Sometimes daytime activities, but also permanent residence for people in need of care are possible.

You need a minimum volume to get rid of costs

Andres Tolman, Deputy Director Ter Steg Bo Fastgoode Apeldoorn

Coaster: I have a daughter with special needs and live next door to a nursing home. Every day I see people driving back and forth to daytime activities. Life and day activities in the same place provide more peace, calm and better rhythm.

Sharing tools

Sustainable life is broader than energy efficient living. “We also encourage the joint use of cars and tools,” Coaster says. The important final characteristic is the size of the projects. Cittanova has developed three variants for sizes ranging from 25 to 150 homes. The Familie Vrienden Erf is the miniature version of this 10-25 house component.

Dick Coaster from Cetanova Development Agency. © Anco Postma

Familie Vrienden Erf is specially developed for new farm fields. It is also possible to incorporate the existing stalled farmer’s existing farmhouse into the design. Coaster: ‘We’re getting more and more questions from farmers who are out of business and want to do something on their farms. We have combined this trend with the most important characteristics of living in our region.

Familiar environment

Familie Vrienden Erf has space for all ages, but the concept is partly inspired by the aging population. When people get older and need care, they often have to move because there are no suitable homes for them in the village. But they prefer to stay in the village. Familie Vrienden Erf provides life-proof homes on the outskirts of the village. People stay in a familiar social environment. “They don’t feel lonely,” Koster explains.

Additionally, there are young people who have grown up in the village and want to continue living in a familiar environment. This target group is also served. It also contributes to the continuity of existing facilities, such as a shop for daily necessities. The whole village is taking advantage of this.

An impression of the interpretation of the residential area.
An impression of the interpretation of the residential area. © Setanova

Regular cooperation partners

Cittanova works with permanent partners for all concepts of life. A specialized agency for the spatial planning aspect is called in and project developer Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed takes responsibility for this.

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“We finance the project, we get the land. Then we make sure the concept becomes technically and legally feasible and we understand the construction,” explains Apeldoorn deputy director Andres Tolman.

Municipal cooperation

Whether a vacant patio is suitable for Family Friends Square depends on a number of things. First of all, the municipality’s cooperation.

Many municipalities are completely reluctant to deviate from the usual red versus red policy. On the basis of that policy, ridiculous requirements are sometimes placed, causing landowners to give up. While there are good opportunities here to do something about the housing problem and the vibrancy of the countryside. But building six hundred houses in the city is easier than building four in the countryside.

Minimum size

Such projects, Tolman says, have a lot of costs that entrepreneurs often don’t take into account in advance. With each project, a balance is sought between the interests of the seller of the land and the possibility of exploiting the project. You need a certain minimum size to get rid of costs, ”he says.

This is not just the costs of land and construction. The legal process of these projects, as well as the area planning, for example, involve significant costs. People sometimes misjudge this.

Angel Association

Once the neighborhood project is completed, a union of owners is created. “He will be responsible for all the common elements of the housing model,” says Koster.

Inheritance attracts more than 2,200 stakeholders is an initiative of Pieter Parmentier from Diepenveen. It informs and facilitates people who, along with like-minded people, want to develop a ranch farm into a shared residential location. After an initial attempt to do so on his own, he decided to share his knowledge and enthusiasm through A. website. Visitors will find advice, a step-by-step plan, and a list of positive municipalities about Erfdelen and groups looking for members. More than 2,200 stakeholders have registered. Three-quarters of them are over 50 years old, but young men are also showing enthusiasm. Parmentier supports eight Regional Coordinators. The basic principle is that groups support themselves on their own initiative, if needed with the help of an expert. The core values ​​important to a common arena in the Parmentier philosophy are care, community spirit and sustainability. In Lettele, Overijssel, a first division is under construction. Despite his enthusiasm, Parmentier has to admit that these processes are usually arduous. Often municipalities and financiers are not prepared and it is not easy to find suitable yards. Owners genetics can inform me.

Planning Consultant Richard Huisman.
Planning Consultant Richard Huisman. © Richard Huisman

Performing all the steps in changing the zoning plan is complicated and time consuming. According to Richard Huisman of Garderen, Gelderland, surveying the site is a helpful first step.

Huisman offers spatial planning advice through his Huisman Space & Visualization library. Changing the zoning plans in agricultural areas is his specialty.

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Agricultural businessmen or private individuals who stop to approach him regarding the possibilities of reaching a residential destination in an agricultural area, Huisman usually advises starting with a site survey.

no homework

“Four out of five people close to me have not done their homework yet. In this site study, I look at the options offered by the zoning plan and the municipality’s and parent’s local policy. You can plan ahead on that.”

The next step is to order the principle. Based on the description and representation of the plan, it is tested whether the municipality is prepared in principle for cooperation. It is also clear at this point if more research is needed.


Huisman: “ A patient and persistent individual is sometimes able to complete the process up to this point on their own. But then follow the urban integration plan and zoning plan change. These operations are really specialized work.

Huisman argues that municipalities are often conservative about zoning changes in rural areas. This is understandable, but they also realize that it is important to preserve country quality.

Real Estate Advisor to ZLTO Theo van Gendt.
Real Estate Advisor to ZLTO Theo van Gendt. © ZLTO

Anyone looking for a new destination for a farm should do their homework first. A well thought out plan is the best start to a targeted approach.

“What can I do with my yard and buildings if I close my business?” Farmers dealt with broker Theo van Gendt with this question almost every week. But there is no simple answer. According to ZLTO Vastgoed host, a resigning entrepreneur must first answer a number of critical questions.

Would you like to continue living in the yard? If so, is the current home or a new home? Do you want to build multiple houses? Do you want to invest in it yourself? Do you want to reuse or demolish company buildings? Or do you want to develop a new activity in your yard, for example a campsite? You should have these things on your mind.

In addition to the practicalities, the tax aspects are important in reusing a farm. “You have to take tax matters with you from day one,” Van Gendt confirms. You will have to deal with the blueprints, subsidies, and most importantly, changes in the value of your property and buildings. In the event of a company closing down, a soft financial landing can still be made.

Partition plan change

Changing the zoning plan is always necessary for building housing, developing new activities or developing nature. Sooner or later, the entrepreneur will thus have to deal with the municipality.

Van Gendt always works with a specialist in spatial planning issues. He knows his way around procedures and zoning plans, knows space versus space scheme and knows if there are support schemes for demolition or asbestos treatment. This is essential to a good plan. If you submit a good plan, you increase the chance of getting a facility from the municipality. But it’s always a long ride with a lot of bumps, so start on time.