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The Hague is working to curb parking permits

The Hague is working to curb parking permits

The procedure is outlined in the parking strategy “Parking in an accessible and livable city” by Alderman Robert van Asten (D66). In it, Van Asten describes a large number of actions by which he wants to preserve the attractiveness of public space. “The Hague will grow strongly in the coming years, both in terms of population and in employment,” Van Asten says. “This creates more pressure on public space.”

But according to him, the extra cars can no longer be used in public places in many places. “The available space should be distributed as much as possible,” he says. We don’t want the streets of The Hague to be crowded with parked cars. At the same time, we want people who own a car to have a realistic chance of finding a parking place.

His first statement takes precedence

That is why there is a brake on the issuance of parking permits. In neighborhoods with a parking pressure of ninety percent, obtaining a second permit will be more difficult. Residents who apply for a parking permit for a first car have priority over residents who want to obtain a second car permit. The third and subsequent passes are no longer issued at all. There will be a transition period for this. “There will be a gradual adjustment, as the permits issued will not be fairly withdrawn,” Van Asten says.

According to Van Asten, the parking policy needs to be revised because The Hague municipality has issued unlimited parking permits to residents in recent years. Rarely has any account taken of the number of parking spaces available per district. Therefore, a resident can apply for a permit for an unlimited number of vehicles. For example, it could happen that 122 addresses in The Hague currently have five or more residence permits.

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City growth

Van Asten: Every legitimate request has been honored. However, the growth of the city and the increasing number of cars means that in some neighborhoods where parking regulations apply, residents with a parking permit face more and more problems in finding a parking place.

The city council also wants to revoke the hotel permit and the vacation permit. A hotel permit is issued only in Scheveningen and is intended for hoteliers. They can apply for a parking permit for their guests to park their cars unlimitedly and free for one day. But in the meantime, the place became so crowded in Scheveningen that there was no longer any parking space. Additionally, parking garages have been added. For this reason, according to Van Asten, there is no basis for the continued existence of a hotel permit.

Leave permit

Residents with a parking permit can apply for a holiday permit if they are visiting for a longer period of time. This additional permit is valid for three months per year. But according to Van Asten, the permit has turned out to be especially popular with people who do not qualify for a residence permit. “The use of this permission rarely depends on the original objectives, which makes the continued existence of this statement in question,” he says. That is why he will consider whether the leave permit can be revoked.

Other actions that the college wants to take:

– Residents who are new to new construction projects must park their cars on their own land or use the parking garages that developers are obligated to build;

– When necessary, there will be a shopping street planner. This means that on a particular shopping street, a number of parking spaces are only available during the day for customers and not for residents or companies;

Issuing work permits under scrutiny. When necessary, there will be a limit to the total number of permits per company;

– Motorcycle riders must also pay a parking fee;

The Hague will appoint new places for coaches;

– The use of shared vehicles, P&Rs and mobility centers is encouraged;

– More parking space for bicycles and scooters will be provided;

– The Hague will pay more attention to improving parking information for visitors and residents;

– Conditions for granting permits for disabled parking spaces may be modified due to the huge increase in them and complaints about it;

– New parking spaces will not be added as there are no other places in public places. However, the city is investing in the construction of new parking garages;

There will be a blueprint for special initiatives to build public parking garages intended primarily for holders of existing permits.

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