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The growth of New Zealand fruit exports is entirely due to Kiwi

New Zealand exports of fresh fruits and vegetables will be large again this year. It will be exported for nearly $ 3 billion. This is 11% more than in 2020. $ 2 billion more in 2017. The Kiwis dominate the film very strongly because this year marks two-thirds of the total production. In total, the value of New Zealand kiwi (fob) exports this year is estimated at $ 1.92 billion, according to a report by John-Keys Boone of Fruit & Vegetable Facts.

Growth is entirely due to kiwis
In terms of volume, exports of New Zealand’s fresh fruits and vegetables will increase by 2% this year compared to 2020. In total, this is 1.54 million tons, a new record. This increase is absolute
The reason for kiwi exports. Exports of this material continue to grow. This year almost 10% even 718,000 tons. In 2017 it was still 516,000 tons. More than half of New Zealand’s kiwi exports target countries in South and East Asia. EU27 is 36%.

More and more gold; Especially in South and East Asia
Yellow kiwi exports are the main reason for the growth of kiwi. These are now almost 60% of the total which was 45% in 2017. In terms of volume, this will be 420,000 tonnes in 2021 compared to 225,000 tonnes in 2017. Exports of green kiwis are somewhat higher this year than in 2020. But in 2018 it was once again.

Yellow Lots of Asia for Kiwi
Yellow kiwis are relatively frequent in countries in South and East Asia. Especially China and Japan are high buyers. More yellow kiwis are going to EU countries. More than 110,000 tons this year
90,000 tons by 2020. Exports to EU countries are still greener than yellow kiwis. About 140,000 tons of green kiwis have been shipped to the EU in the last 3 years.

2021 is a moderate year for Apple exports. Apple is New Zealand’s second largest exporter. This year, exports of this material were only 404,000 tons. This is less than the previous three years. By 2020, it was more than 440,000 tons.

New Zealand apples are increasingly being exported to South and East Asian countries. Even this year more than ever. The region accounts for 54% of New Zealand’s apple exports this year. In 2017 it was less than 40%. Important places in the region: China, Vietnam, Taiwan and India.

There are very few apples for Europe this year
It is noteworthy that New Zealand apples were shipped to Europe this year. In EU countries, it was less than 70,000 tons. This is 20% less than the 86,000 tonnes in 2020. In 2018 it was 107,000 tons. Exports of New Zealand apples to the UK have also fallen by almost 20% this year. Exports of (Royal) Gala apples continued to grow to 137,000 tonnes by 2020, including and until 2020. This year, exports of this type fell to less than 120,000 tonnes. In the distance, Fuji, NV, Freeburn, Jazz, Pink Lady and Pacific Queen are the other major export types. Exports of new varieties such as Rocket, Dazzle, Honeygrisp and Coru are still somewhat lower.

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