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Hacker die grootste cryptoroof ooit pleegde, heeft de helft al beleefd teruggestort

The hacker who committed the biggest crypto theft has half…

A hacker managed to steal $613 million in cryptocurrency on Tuesday, the largest crypto theft ever. Nice loot, but a hacker wouldn’t plan to keep track of everything. Because the hacked company said that part of it has already been recovered.

Mr. White Hat is arguably one of the strangest hackers ever. Because after stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, the hacker explained his actions with a “question and answer” and even refunded part of the money. “I have a responsibility to show the vulnerability of the system before someone else can abuse it,” he said in the Q&A, in which he explained more about the stolen cryptocurrency from cryptocurrency platform Poly Network, which acts as a broker for arranging crypto transactions. The platform was attacked via Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

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After the theft, the Polly Network asked on Twitter that the perpetrator would return the money. And that had an effect, because the hacker told him he’d like an address where he could do so. In this way, he was already able to bring back a very large portion in the meantime. According to Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, every deposit comes with some explanation. He says he did it “for fun” and “prefer to remain anonymous to save the world”.

On Twitter, Poly Network also indicated that a significant portion of the funds were deposited into a multisig wallet controlled by the company itself and Mr. white hat. However, the company notes that not everything has been refunded yet, but the intent is to get everything back.

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