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The Hague FM »Saturday Live about more bike space

The Hague FM »Saturday Live about more bike space

In broadcast Saturday Live On Saturday, May 8, 2021, the RTV Discus will focus its regular table discussion on the topic of “The Clear Road Bike”. The guests at the table are: Marcel Klaisen (Mayor of Bicycles), Hermann de Graf (Director Biciclete), Frans Boutma (Municipality of The Hague) and Martin de Voest (Council Member Groene Links). You can watch the broadcasts on The Hague TV on Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Make room for the bike! The municipality of The Hague will invest more than 65 million euros in purchasing bicycles over the next five years. This was stated in the implementation program “Ruim Baan voor de Fiets 2020-2025”. The Hague wants to become a true cycling city for all the residents of The Hague, visitors and employees. In 2040, the bike will be the most important means of transportation.

It should become an easy and natural option for an increasing number of people to use their bike for short trips in the city and medium distance in the area. A coherent approach has been chosen, in which “hard” infrastructure measures – safe cycling routes and good enough cycling parking – go hand in hand with “soft” measures in order to stimulate cycling and reach new target groups.

In a growing city like The Hague, the bike is an attractive option for getting around quickly. In 2040, the municipality wants a 50 percent increase in bike traffic. An important condition is that there are attractive and safe ways to ride the bike comfortably and safely. Several new high-quality bike paths will be added in the coming years. Either in the city or in the region. The municipality is also working to improve traffic flow at intersections, reduce conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians, and have laid the last 13 kilometers of tiled bike paths.

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