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The humanities can no longer be as brutal as the worst: these are the plans

The humanities can no longer be as brutal as the worst: these are the plans

In the coming years, teachers and students in the humanities will face a small revolution. As a result of the publication of the new achievement goals, they see a radical change in the curriculum. “I see a lot of concern in this area,” says Iris Gysels (VUB Teacher Training). She participated in the development of new achievement goals, participated in various development committees and contributed to the GO!

What exactly will change?

The behavioral and cultural sciences are undergoing a major overhaul. In the second degree they are replaced by philosophy, appreciation of art and a course grouped around psychology and sociology. In the third grade, an additional statistical package was added – in Catholic education this becomes a separate topic of statistics. Aspects of law and scientific research will also have more weight.

Why these changes?

The new course is inspired by the success rates of humanities students in higher education. “We see that students from the humanities often find it difficult to obtain an academic bachelor’s degree,” says Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen. “With clearer end goals and a clearer profile, the field of study is better defined.”

There is also a second ambition: to improve the image of the trend. By reinforcing the trend in terms of content, more young people should make a positive choice for the humanities, and not as the last stage of the Latin – economics – humanistic waterfall. “For years, the image of animal welfare has been an aso trash can. We want to get rid of that old pain,” says Gessels.

What about the current teachers?

The main question, which remains a question mark, is whether current teachers of cultural sciences can continue to work, or whether the school should seek an educational master’s degree in philosophy, sociology and art history? “I’m afraid this won’t be given by a single teacher,” Gessels says. “Otherwise you will lose quality. You have to be at home in many markets: law, sociology, philosophy, art history. It is not clear.”

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