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The language of acid and memorabilia of Bashir Abdi: This wa...

The language of acid and memorabilia of Bashir Abdi: This wa…

The YouTube acid phenomenon entered the arena for the first time The smartest person in the world Tonight, he immediately showed that he is a strong opponent. The mathematician Bashir Abdi came to ask a question and set a good example of self-relativity.

Desmytere Road

Last night’s winner:

He’s told his friends he won’t be playing the final, and the YouTube Acid phenomenon has kept his word.


“Oh, my God, you so stupid,” Gloria Monseries blamed herself for yelling “stop” so early in the final. In fact, she asserted that Stephen Van Gucht only needed three key words about Bill Gates to beat the longest-playing candidate to date.

Tonight’s new arrival:

Hockey player Alexander Hendricks.

Best quotes:

Judge Jerome: “I’m glad I’m sitting next to Bockie. It could be my brother if my mother had an affair with kebab rolls.”


Jerome About language sour: “I totally understand it. My grandfather was also half West Flemish and half cerebral palsy.”


Van Loi in a Stephen Van Gucht: “Do you have a favorite superhero?”

Van Gucht: “Iron Man, I think. This is also a scientist and an engineer.”

Jerome: “I would say: people are caring, but okay.”

The most beautiful moment:

Marathon runner Bashir Abdi appeared on the Open Door Tour. “I went to Japan this summer,” he said. “I brought some souvenirs. A cute cat, a cheerleader, a bronze medal … ”But his ticket to the Olympic Games turned out to be not the coolest thing. He carelessly set it aside to redeem the pigeon prize. “Pokemon cards.”

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