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Our in-house referee Tim Pots found a suspended sentence for Ashimeru's strike: 'This encourages game-breaking behaviour' |  Anderlecht

Our in-house referee Tim Pots found a suspended sentence for Ashimeru’s strike: ‘This encourages game-breaking behaviour’ | Anderlecht

Anderlecht players Amir Murillo and Majid Ashimiro know suspension proposals after red cards against Ohio Lovin last weekend. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office wants Murillo to be suspended for four weeks after injuring his elbow to Sebastian Deust, one of which has been postponed. As a result, Murillo will miss matches against Antwerp, Kortrijk and Charleroi. The Panamanian will also be fined 3,500 euros. Anderlecht does not accept Murillo’s punishment, so the disciplinary committee will decide on the punishment.

Ashimeru comes at a much cheaper rate after being “blocked” in the overtime slot. His hand game prevented OH Leuven 2-3 and Kappa’s missed penalty kick. However, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office imposes only one week of conditional suspension on the Ghanaian, in addition to a limited fine of 500 euros. It’s a surprising penalty, too, for our house referee Tim Pots. “This is a ‘technical’ red card, the mildest form. There was no dangerous play and no intent to harm anyone. So I was expecting a mild, but effective comment. Now Ashimeru has no punishment and such destructive game behavior is encouraged.”

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