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The long-awaited Scotland for international cricket lost to the Netherlands

Scotland lost to the Netherlands by 14 runs when they returned to international cricket after a 17-month absence.

Shane Burger’s men controlled their hosts to 163/8 in 33 overs reduced due to long rain delays.

But the Saltiers did not come close to chasing that total, eventually ending up at 149/8, with Richie Berrington scoring the most with 41 points.

When the teams meet again in the second and final ODI of the series they will retaliate tomorrow.

Totter chose to win the toss because the weather improved and eventually played out in Rotterdam.

Scotland controlled them well, with Gavin Main taking two early wickets for seven.

Mark Watt had a milestone moment when Mark Watt dropped his 100th Scotland wicket, with Mark Groot catching Ben Cooper for 10.

New Zealand-born Max O’Dowd scored 83 off 102 balls before he finished the innings with two balls to spare.

Logan van Peek provided some walking support, with Orange scoring 24 of 163 runs.

Top Scottish bowlers Wat and Maine each got a pair, while Safian Sharif, Ali Evans and Hamza Tahir each got a pair.

The spectators were in good shape as the chase approached, but got off to a disastrous start.

Cross passed for a wicket before captain Kyle Kotzer was out for nine.

After being knocked out by the team for 14 on 3/31, Scotland were still reorganized and Kalam McLeod quickly added them back to the pavilion.

Berington (41 off 43 balls) and George Muncie (27 off 33) advanced again with a 69-point partnership.

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But they both fell 101/5 in a row against Scotland.

Another pair of quick wickets are again expensive. First, Dylan Budge was caught at four for one, then Watt was dismissed for 15, leaving Scotland 121/7.

They had to increase the run rate to get any chance to make the Dutch total, but the Sheriff and Maine failed to create the required boundaries and the Sheriff eventually left the last ball of the game.