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House U.S. votes for inquiry into Capitol attack

In the United States, the House of Representatives approved the creation of a special commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. In the House, 35 Republicans voted with Democrats.

The top echelon of the Republican Party was against it; The investigation is biased and unnecessary. Many Republicans fear Trump will turn against them, analysts say. The former president was accused of inciting the people to attack the Congress, partly due to the false claim that he had failed in the election fraud.

Liz Cheney was one of the Republicans who agreed to the proposal. He was third in the party, but was last week Voted From an important position to criticizing Trump. Cheney has repeatedly lashed out at Trump, arguing that his party members should distance themselves from allegations of fraud in the presidential election.

The Senate is still voting on establishing a commission of inquiry. At least 60 out of 100 senators must agree to pass the bill. That means ten Republicans must vote with Democrats.

The panel will consist of ten members: five Republicans and an equal Democrat.

Many were killed around Capital Storm. Members of Congress had to rush to the security when protesters entered the parliament building. Hundreds of participants have been charged with involvement in the attack.

Look back at Capitol’s storm: