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The Lord of the Rings series moves from New Zealand

The new Lord of the Rings series has left New Zealand and chosen a new country as the backdrop.

When you say Lord of the Rings, you mean New Zealand. The island with its beautiful landscapes has always been the setting of world famous movies. For more series Amazon The New Zealand landscape that served as the middle ground was used with gratitude. But that is about to change.

Lord of the Rings-Series

Filmed in New Zealand throughout the first season. However, Amazon has decided to shift all production to the UK. The reason for moving is related to the place of production. New Zealand may not be able to deliver what the producers want and the United Kingdom can. For logistical reasons, it is not convenient to operate in both countries, so the UK has been chosen as the new location.

The first recorded season of the Lord of the Rings series will be a scene. It is one of the most expensive series, costing almost 400 million euros to create a season.

Vernon Sanders, CEO of Amazon Studios, Thanks The people and government of New Zealand for the opportunities available to them. The first season of the Lord of the Rings series will be released on Amazon Prime next September.

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