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Vermiste duikboot Indonesië ligt mogelijk op 700 meter diepte: gevaarlijk voor bemanning

The lost submarine Indonesia may be at a depth of 700 meters …

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Photo: via Reuters

The Indonesian Navy suspects the missing submarine with 53 people aboard, at a depth of 600 to 700 meters. The ship is not made to this depth. The Navy lost contact with KRI Nanggala-402 during a military exercise Wednesday morning.

The German-made submarine was built to a depth of 200 to 250 meters. So if the submarine is already 700 meters high, perhaps on the sea floor, it would be dangerous for the crew. The ship could have reached this depth due to a power failure while diving, which would have caused the submarine to lose control and begin to sink.

The submarine was supposed to have fired torpedoes on Wednesday and then returned the results of this test to command. However, shortly after the car sank in the water, it disappeared from the radar.

Damaged fuel tank?

Although the submarine itself has yet to be found, a team of helicopters saw an oil slick in a spot in the sea where the submarine was said to have sunk. As a result, the Navy was able to narrow the search area. The oil may indicate that the vessel has been damaged and that the fuel tank has been damaged by the water pressure.

Two naval ships and about 400 personnel began the search. A third ship is on its way from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. The Navy also sent an international distress signal. Australia, India and Singapore, among others, said they were ready to help.

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