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Mrs. Scientist voluntarily gives the crown after a fuss with Mrs. Sri Lan …

Mrs. Scientist voluntarily gives the crown after a fuss with Mrs. Sri Lan …

The current world lady, Caroline Goree, volunteered her crown after an accident in the election of the Sri Lankan lady. Then she grabbed the crown from the head of the newly elected lady. Sri Lanka, because he will not be married.

Gory herself was elected Mrs. Sri Lanka in 2019, but was seeing newly elected successor Pushbika De Silva did not qualify for the crown as she would be divorced.

Then she decided to take the crown from De Silva during the live ceremony and place it on the head of the second man. The deposed woman then said that Sri Lanka slipped, with a head injury. Gauri was subsequently arrested and had to go to prison for a while. The woman has now been released, but will have to appear in court later this month. She is accused of molestation and injury. Miss Universe has decided to voluntarily give up her crown, and second place, Irish Kate Schneider, will now be the New World Lady of 2020.

For married women

Ms. The world has been a Miss Married Women Contest since 1984, so it should not be confused with the Oldest Miss World contest, which has been held annually since 1951. Unlike the “Miss” contest, “Mrs” must be married. This will be the lady. Sri Lanka will not be this year, according to its predecessor.

According to De Silva, she actually qualified for the election because even though she lives separately from her husband, she is still married to him. Meanwhile, de Silva restored her crown and immediately allocated it to other single women like her: “We have many single mothers who are struggling and have to raise their children on their own.”

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