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The mobile phone was invented by Ichell van de Velde

Last week, police declined to release their findings, but said the material would “shine a new light on the matter” and that it was a “missing piece of the puzzle”.

The mobile was in the water next to a bridge on Sarah Beatzwake in Ortenburg, which runs parallel to the city’s ring road. It is currently being investigated whether data can be extracted and protected from the phone.

The location of the phone is not the same as where the body of this cell was found, and when the crow flies, they are about ten kilometers away.

Eichel van de Velde’s search for personal items is not over yet. So new searches are not excluded. For example, the search for this cell bag with the green bag of the Dropper Adventure brand is still ongoing, police said.

About this case

Ichel van de Velde of Ostburg went missing in mid-December last year. Police, friends and family searched for her several times in vain. On February 9, 2021, the cell’s acquaintance was arrested as a suspect. It’s about a 45 – year – old woman from Ortonberg, who owns a shop on the same street where Ichell’s sewing workshop is located. Later, the remains of Idhel were found in the water at retransmission.

The suspect is still in custody and is suspected of murdering the cell. The woman denies killing the cell, but claims to have dumped part of her body into a canal. His partner had a relationship with this cell.

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