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Lofol River Laws Petition for Rights | 1 Limburg

There are also rights such as the right to flow into a river, the right to recover and the right to be free from pollution.

That’s why organizations like Mass Cleanup come up with the ‘Mass in Law’ initiative and start a petition to get things done properly.

River with rights
This means that the river has the same rights and obligations as an individual or company. When there are 50,000 signatures under the petition, the initiators can talk to the House of Representatives. “It already exists in New Zealand, for example,” explains attorney Nina Rijsterborg. There they formed a group of shareholders to guard the Wanganui River. Persons and bodies with this protection may rise and operate from the right side of the river.

Border area
“We need to discuss how this applies to the Dutch legal system with the hack.” The lawyer thereby cites the abrasion point of the case. After all, the Muse does not stop flowing along the Dutch border, but also flows through parts of Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. “We hope our neighbors will be inspired by this move,” he says. In this way, Muse’s well-being can be seen internationally.

Stressful river in the Netherlands and Belgium
The reason for providing the mousse with rights lies in the large amount of plastic. The Mass is a tributary river in the Netherlands and Belgium with 1020 effluents per 100 meters of Dutch bank. 95.8% of which is plastic.

“I often hear how the good guys think we’ll get rid of the waste here, but a week later we’re back in the square one,” volunteer Frank Der Wind says of it. He and his wife clean up the Mass Bank every week, armed with a garbage bag and a skateboard. “No one is really responsible for the muse,” he continues. According to Mass Cleaning, it should change.

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