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The most delicious Easter egg recipes at a glance

The most delicious Easter egg recipes at a glance

Eggs and Easter are closely related. For those still looking for inspiration for an Easter breakfast or brunch, we have plenty of recipes in which eggs play the main role. From hard-boiled eggs to scrambled eggs and the boiled version.

Making deviled eggs

A snack from the past, which is now becoming increasingly popular: boiled eggs. It is originally a pastry product. That's why they're often made with butter and whipped cream. Nowadays, mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper are the base. Moreover, you can vary endlessly with the flavors you prefer. You can read tips on how to make your own deviled eggs here.

Boiled eggs

Do you want to present something that looks very beautiful? Then choose hard-boiled eggs and make eggs Benedict. Poaching sounds like a difficult task, but it's not that bad. Hollandaise sauce with ham or salmon makes it luxurious on a sandwich.

Boil eggs

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Filling meal

Are you looking for something that fills you up all at once? Then choose the omelette meal. You can add your favorite vegetables and herbs. This recipe from Amina Zurlak contains a lot of vegetables. Or choose these Indian Scrambled Eggs from Sandra Ysparandi. A nutritious meal that ensures you feel full for a long time.

Try something different with eggs

Are you a fan of omelets, but want to try something different? Then make this foam omelet from Janie van der Heyden. By whipping the egg whites and then gently adding the yolk, you get a completely different taste experience. Or make a Siberian omelet from Robert van Beckhoven. This is a cake with ice cream inside and egg white foam all over it. A real gem to see!

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Baked AlaskaSiberian omelet

Create your own lawyer

Finally, a tip for making your own eggnog. Eggs are also key here, but in a completely different way. They are whipped and heated so that bacteria don't have a chance. In combination with brandy or gin and sugar, it becomes a lumpy mass.

Making egg salad or Turkish menemen? There she has it All Holland Pakt Recipes for!

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