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The most popular home page changes on the Internet

The most popular home page changes on the Internet

When you think of the internet in the 1990s, you probably think of search engines like Ilse, Altavista, and Yahoo. But when you think about the Internet in general, you’ll likely see another search engine: Google. The domain name was registered in 1997, followed by the first version of Search Engine† That homepage, that world-famous homepage, is now going to change.

simple search engine

Google’s search engine has always been powerful because of its simplicity. What you used to find on is the famous Google logo with the search bar below it and the “Search Google” and “I’m just guessing” options. Powerful in its simplicity, it is behind all kinds of algorithms that have worked hard to show you the best and most sponsored search results.

In recent years, Google has changed the search results screen significantly. All kinds of shopping options have been added, but also, for example, the warning that very current things may still be under development. It makes sense that Google is investing a lot in it: it’s the company’s biggest revenue stream, next to YouTube. google You should get it from the beginning of the ad which is why it pays extra attention to it.

Google Home

The Google home page, on which we see the well-known search bar, has changed little in recent years. The logo regularly changes from logo to Doodle, an interactive graphic or game that allows Google to take advantage of world events like the Olympics, Charlie Chaplin’s birthday, or simply the fact that it’s a leap year, complete with bunnies jumping over each other dates on them and their stomachs. Moreover, or is a fairly simple page.

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If you’re logged in, you can go back to your profile on the top right and at the bottom there are also some typical site things like something about privacy and how it works – and of course – how you can advertise there. However, it is all subtly hidden in a gray bar: the focus always remains in this medium: the Google colored letters with this search bar. A page that is still widely used, although nowadays many people also know to type what they want in google directly into the browser address bar, so that they remain in the search results screen.

Biggest redesign ever

In addition to the fact that the Internet has become more and more interested in advertising in recent years, it is also increasingly about personalization. We all want to help us as personally as possible. That’s why Google decided to expand the famous web page we know as “Google”. In fact, it would even be the biggest site redesign ever. 9to5Google has noticed that six cards will appear at the bottom of Here you will find, among other things, how the weather is, but also what is often searched for.

There’s even a map dedicated to coronavirus news, a map of stocks, local events, and what to watch. These cards either lead to the search results page or expand when you tap or click on them. If you are not careful with it, it is possible to disable it. Fortunately, because it suddenly became so much more on a page that it became legendary due to its simple appearance.

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Most popular web pages

Now that’s a lot less, because these cards are a huge expansion. The fear is that one of these cards may soon become a place for ads, or that it now takes more “difficulty” to load the page (and thus more power, making less sustainable). Google hasn’t officially announced plans for the cards yet, but it may do so during its annual Google I/O presentation, which usually takes place in the spring.

It’s a big change for the most popular page on the internet as we know it since the 90s and 80s, before social media took over. Could Google plan to do more with it, or is this just some additional information about things that are often searched for in Google anyway? In any case, it can at least cause a little culture shock for people who still bother to go to or

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