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The mouse and the lion are the inspiration for the new book

De Graf writes plays and poems. Leon & Mickey, Endless Fairy Tale Book The first book she publishes. In 1992 she conceived both a mouse and a lion. At the time, the writer could not have imagined that they would be the source of inspiration for a book she would publish almost thirty years later.

Mr. Brill stepped out of the coffin

De Groff’s book is about Leon and Mickey cleaning the room on a rainy afternoon. They found the big ghost book that Leon’s grandfather had read aloud. Suddenly the big wooden box opens. Mr. Brill appears, and he looks like Leon’s dead grandfather. When Mr. Brill disappears into the coffin, Leon and Mickey decide to follow him.

Josiah de Graf talked about his book before Sealant get up.

The mouse and the lion started the show Two fingers in the porridgeWritten and directed by Josiane de Graf. Preview Played more than 240 times in both schools and theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Omropland, Muise N Leave received a weekly radio and television show. People may remember the winged notion that “it’s fun, it’s so good, it’s so good, it’s so good”.


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