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The municipality of Zwijendrecht imposes conditions on Lantes to continue Ostrowell's business: "Always cover all ground loads" |  The PFOS scandal

The municipality of Zwijendrecht imposes conditions on Lantes to continue Ostrowell’s business: “Always cover all ground loads” | The PFOS scandal

ZwijndrechtZwendrecht municipality has set five prerequisites for the continuation of Oosterweel’s business on its territory. For example, ground transportation is always required to be covered. Client Lantis takes note of the requirements, but first wants to wait for the expert report from the Earth Resistance Committee.

Public Works Secretary Lydia Peters (Open Vld) has asked Lantis to suspend work in the most polluted areas until after the experts’ report. This is expected by July 15th. Regardless of the outcome, the municipality of Zwendrecht sets five prerequisites for the continuation of infrastructure work on its territory.

For example, works should not lead to a deterioration of the pollution situation. This has already been imposed in order to drain the well on site. Lantis does everything necessary in this field. As a precaution and to allay residents’ concerns, the municipality requires that ground loads be covered at all times, regardless of the condition of the ground.

Do not store contaminated soil

In addition, the municipality is now requesting treatment where possible. “Infrastructure works are the only opportunity to remove PFOS contamination within the site area as much as possible. This only happens in part today: however, there is still a lot of PFOS soil that, sooner or later, can penetrate further into the seams. deeper soils and in the environment.” Therefore, Zwijndrecht does not support permanent storage of covered contaminated soils. “There is always a risk that soil will pollute the environment in the short or long term due to leaching. This very dangerous land is already under the completed infrastructure. This is a fact that we unfortunately have to accept.”

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Zwijndrecht still has a big stick for business that still needs to be done. Permits still need to be issued for a number of projects, such as building noise barriers. In its advice, the municipality will formulate a requirement that the contaminated soil must first be treated. The municipality also calls for the necessity of extending the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of pollution through groundwater to the soil and air.

The polluter must be paid

Finally, both Lantis and the Flemish government are required to use all means to prevent liability for pollution from shifting to the polluter, who will ultimately be responsible for further treatment of all areas in the municipality affected by PFOS.

Client Lantis shows understanding of the concerns of the municipality of Zwijndrecht and its residents. “The implementation of our activities, including those in PFOS-contaminated soils, is carried out with the greatest care,” says spokeswoman Annick Dirks. “We’re watching the dust, we’re monitoring the groundwater. In short, we’re already taking a lot of action. We’re waiting for the Franken commission’s report to take additional action.”