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Amazon starts a Scout delivery robot development center in Finland – picture and sound – news

Amazon is setting up a Scout Development Center in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s technicians there are focused on developing software for the Scout autonomous delivery robot, in collaboration with British and German teams, among others.

Amazon Scout Development Center in Helsinki Amazon will develop 3D imaging software to simulate the “real-life complexities”. This would help the walking robot avoid obstacles in the way of its delivery. The center will be assisted by existing Amazon Scout development teams in Seattle, Cambridge and Tübingen.

Amazon is looking, among other things Software developers Who want to work on robot scouts. In total, about 24 technicians in Helsinki should be involved in the development. After the summer of last year, Amazon started a similar center in Cambridge To develop system software there during the team in Tübingen Focused on processing data from sensors.

Scouting is Amazon Autonomous electric car driving Six wheels the company uses to deliver its products. The company deploys Scout to four locations in the United States. It is not known if and when the Scout online store in Europe wants to test.

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