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The Netherlands opposes US participation in the mixed 4x400m

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The Dutch team opposes the United States’ participation in the mixed 4x400m final at the Tokyo Olympics. The U.S. team, a rival of the Dutch quartet, was disqualified on Friday, but it was reversed a few hours later.

“Team USA turned out to be a bad replacement point. The team was initially disqualified. For vague reasons, the referee decided to reverse this decision,” the Athletes Association wrote on Twitter on Saturday, about 2.5 hours before the final battle.

The Netherlands appear to be a contender for the 4x400m mixed place, after Joachim Dober, Like Clover, Lisen de Vitte and Ramsay Angela recorded their second time in the series on Friday (3.10.69). Poland was only fast.

The 4x400m final will be held at 2.35pm (Dutch time) on Saturday at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. After the race is over, the arbitral tribunal will only rule the fight, so it looks like America will start anyway. If the Netherlands are on the right, the US team will be eliminated from the finals.

‘Evidence paper is thin’

Pictures clearly show that during the 4×400 meter series the American Linna Irpi started far away from her box. It was initially disqualified, but the United States complained about it. According to the Americans, the RPG erred under the guidance of an officer and the arbitral tribunal went along with it.

Ad Roscomb, technical director of the Athletic Association, called the disqualification “unacceptable.”

“Proof of the decision made at 2am last night was that the paper was thin and not really based on anything,” Roscom told IPS. Telegraph. “The United States did not follow the rules by switching out of the box.”

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