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The Netherlands postpones easing lockdown for a week

The Dutch government meets today to start a relaxing series. The stands could reopen and curfews could end.

Just like in Belgium, there is a lot of debate in the Netherlands about the possibility of relaxation and now that residents are tired of festoon procedures. The Dutch government wants to draw up a plan on Tuesday that will pave the way to a world of freedom.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will confer with his fellow ministers on Sunday and Monday about the possibility of relaxation. The piste was on the table to reopen the stands starting April 21 and the controversial curfew was lifted. “Provided that the numbers allow that,” she said before the start of the consultations.

On Sunday evening, however, it was known that relaxants would remain in the refrigerator for a while. “April 21 will come very early,” a government information service spokesman said.

high education

The shutdown adjustment has been postponed to April 28. In addition to the opening of the stands and the lifting of the curfew, the partial opening of higher education and the opening of more shops are being considered.

April 21 comes too early to ease lockdown. It will be delayed for a week.

Government Information Service spokesperson

This is less than in Belgium, where there are more than 900 patients who need intensive care due to Corona. But hospitals in the Netherlands are also forced to postpone regular care, so that all attention can be focused on Corona patients. For example, heart and cancer processes have been delayed.

The Netherlands is not the first country to think of relaxation. In our country, there is still an intention to reopen the catering industry on May 1. But Corona Commissioner Pedro Vaccon suggested in one Interview With De Tijd to move that date to mid-May.

at Luxembourg The government has already chosen to reopen the stands. This was done under very strict conditions.