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The new iPhone and camera island are a bit thicker

The new iPhone and camera island are a bit thicker

The iPhone to be released later this year might be a bit thicker. The camera island will also protrude away from the body.

The trustworthy MacRumors has managed to show you a technical blueprint for the new iPhone, which has yet to be officially presented. Its thickness will now be 7.55mm. This is 0.15mm thicker than the current 12 Series. We aren’t using the name “iPhone 13” on purpose, as it might be an Apple Avoids the unlucky number. It is possible that the device IPhone 12S will be called.

Macrumors show the difference from the following images. The chance that you will really notice this once you have your new iPhone in your hands is small. This 0.15mm means you may not be able to use your old phone case and other accessories for new devices.

The camera island is thicker

The camera island of iPhone 13 might look slightly different than expected. The two new Pro models will have holes of 36 x 37mm. This is much larger than 28 x 30 mm of current IPhone 12. With the regular model, those dimensions are 29 x 29 mm, compared to the 28 x 30 mmIPhone 12.

IPhone 13 / 12S camera island
Credit: MacRumors

According to rumors, the difference in thickness will be greater at the “camera bump” (the camera island). With the Pro models, this becomes 3.65mm. This is a significant increase compared to 1.5-1.7 mm for current IPhone 12 forefront. This can be explained by the return of sensor shift stabilization for both the main and ultra-fast cameras. But that has news, too an Apple Not officially confirmed yet.

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