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The new Skoda Octavia RS with 265 hp looks very nice (2024)

The new Skoda Octavia RS with 265 hp looks very nice (2024)

The old, familiar feel of the Volkswagen Golf may not be able to beat the updated Skoda Octavia, but we dare to predict that we will find very few reasons to buy another Seat Leon. The Combi with its sporty bumpers looks sportier than any Seat. And we haven't even talked about the RS yet.

Want to jump right into the emotional roller coaster? The Skoda Octavia RS not only has 265 horsepower, but also comes as a large station wagon. are you happy? excited? Well, bad luck. Because the fast Octavia will overtake the Netherlands, Skoda confirms the Netherlands for the Top Gear programme. Here you can order it only with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This comes with 115 hp and a manual gearbox or 150 hp and a DSG automatic transmission.

New screen with ChatGPT

The updated Skoda Octavia follows the same recipe as the Golf. The infotainment system has been updated and the voice assistant now receives support from ChatGPT. The daytime running lights in the headlights now extend slightly further back, so they follow the grille line better. These LED headlights are said to be 40 percent brighter. Some other cosmetic procedures were performed around it.

In the renewed Octavia, the brand uses recycled materials, for example, for upholstery and finishing elements. The optional leather is tanned sustainably using coffee bean hulls instead of chemicals. Moreover, useful items such as the tablet holder in the seat or the ice scraper on the fuel filler flap return. Prices will follow later.

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