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The power of memory helps you train like a pro

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that increasing your physical endurance is primarily a mental sport. If your thinking does not want to cooperate, everything is difficult for you, you can not function better. Despite this, many men still think that being attentive is for floating yoga types and that it is not in the gym. To the memory expert Marisa Caravu It’s the thought of having to go to bulky waste.

Living in New Zealand, he took a close look at how the national All Blacks rugby team took to the absolute top world level. If you want to get more out of your sports training, follow Marisa’s practical step-by-step plan and take your performance to the next level.

Lessons to learn more from your training

1. Be the boss in your own brain

The stress of a Rugby World Cup is many times greater than the stress you feel during your training with your PD. However, the inability to cope with performance stress can be disastrous for results in both cases. The All Blacks were a physically strong team, but they continued to lose thanks to Mindfree when the pressure was high.

One of the principles of the theory of memory is acceptance rather than resistance to the stress of performance. Don’t miss the tension if you can handle it well because it will keep you on your toes. By accepting and allowing tension, it allows it to work for you without letting you win.

Using memory in practice

Be aware of tension before doing a heavy deadlift, and then say to yourself, “I allow tension because I would not push my limits without this tension. Thanks to this tension I became stronger and sharper. If I overcame this, I would have grown up again. ‘The energy you usually put on mental stress And resistance, which can be released in this way, which ensures you better performance.

2. Be in the present moment

The difference between amateurs and professionals is that they lose their head due to the pressure to do amateur acts, while the pros keep their cool. Imagine: During the box jumps you are completely destroyed when you are halfway through, or: Your team loses fat during a match. Your brain starts the moment Performance concern Strikes to create all kinds of incompetent thoughts: I have always been an idol; You see, my father was right; What happens to someone who looks like me?

Now you may think that you do not think this, but the rest is certain: every ego creates these thoughts, you are not the only one who knows it. Underestimating thoughts is always (yes, always) about the past where you failed and what you will undoubtedly go wrong with in the future. Not exactly a useful mind set when you have to get everything out of you.

Using memory in practice

As soon as you notice your brain Negative thoughts Start producing and realize that these thoughts are not telling the truth. This is basic brain function and we all enjoy it. But since you don’t have to expect positive input from your hot thinking, you start to focus on your body emotionally. You focus on your feet on the floor or on the field. Feel your toes, your heels, the balls of your foot and the side. Appreciate the complexity and strength of your body.

By shifting your focus from your head to your body, you are stopping yourself directly in the present moment without getting lost in negative judgments. It gives a break to your muscular brain. It allows you to let go of panic and fear of failure and think clearly and act again.

3. Develop integrity

There is nothing more detrimental to your performance than impure behavior. Getting stuck in a nightclub after a workout can be hard to play a game at night, but on a deeper level in your brain, this behavior destroys you more emotionally than you would like – look at athletes with questionable track recordings like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Mike Tyson.

My personal heroes McCaw and Ronaldo, on the other hand, are very determined for their cause, personally and professionally, honest, trustworthy and generous. It is the combination of talent, diligence and integrity that has made them so successful. Don’t we all want to be like that?

Using memory in practice

Be honest, see if you engage in unclean behavior these days. Do you ever cheat? Do you present a funny reason if you made a mistake during a match? Do you have a knack for subjecting team members to disparaging “jokes”? Realize that this is human, but it is not an excuse to cut corners morally. You may be saying to yourself that you are smart, but in fact the lack of integrity gives a bad negative to your personality.

Also, it makes you feel bad about yourself. As you develop integrity, you will find that everything in your life becomes much easier. Speaking your truth takes less energy than lying and cheating, standing up for your own discipline is much easier than stumbling with the crowd, encouraging others gives energy… Dominance really absorbs energy.

If you notice that you regularly ride a perverted skate, emotionally clean the house and promise yourself well. You will notice that not only your sports performance, but your whole life will be released a lot of positive motivating energy.

Over Marisa Carav

Marisa Caraw runs Growing Mindfulness, an online site for memory, without worrying about Zen. Since he has always been an entrepreneur, his attitude is earth-shattering and decision-oriented: something that mainly appeals to men. He has lived in New Zealand since 2007, produces his own olive oil, loves The Brewery, but at the same time reads Dickens without embarrassment, and sweats three times a week with a personal trainer. If you want to know more, read How Memory Can Help You Overcome stress and dissatisfaction.

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The power of memory helps you train like a pro

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