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The private videos of Dutch Princess Alexia are circulating on TikTok |  Property

The private videos of Dutch Princess Alexia are circulating on TikTok | Property

PropertyIn 2020, she still had her own TikTok channel, but after the media learned about it, the account was quickly closed again. However, videos of the 17-year-old Dutch Princess Alexia continued to appear. Photos are eagerly distributed by all kinds of profiles on TikTok, where they are viewed millions of times. In the movies, we see the princess dancing, lip syncing, and having fun with her friends.

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“Ah, leave those girls anyway. They are just having fun like all of you.” It’s just one of the reactions under a video in which Princess Alexia plays a song with her friends. In another video, the princess can be seen dancing, while in another clip she and her friends lay their heads on the bed to the background music. Even though it’s all about old videos, the photos keep popping up and spreading across TikTok. If you enter the search term “Alexia_vano” (which stands for Alexia van Oranje), you’ll see that the parts have already been viewed more than 270 million times.

Her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, Already reacting to the pictures They said they were not from Alexia’s private account. “It belongs to someone else and they took a screenshot anyway. It can also happen,” Maxima said at the time. “They also have to learn things themselves. As parents, you can say what to do twenty times, but then friends are all together and then things will go wrong.” However, the Dutch queen saw no point in it: “That is the good thing about growing up, you are allowed to make mistakes, as long as You learn from it.”

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The videos were filmed on the campus of UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where Alexia studies. The princess is now enjoying the holidays until the end of August, after which she will begin her second and final year at school. Crown Princess Elizabeth also studied there for two years, and Princess Leonor of Spain is currently attending school there. Last year there was already an uproar becausespecial bold imagesMade during a party for Princess Alexia. Then the Dutch royal family was very upset and confirmed that the princess was still a minor.

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Princess Alexia’s TikTok videos are widely viewed. © TikTok – HLN . Photo Montage