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The professor warns that humans may lose control over artificial intelligence

The professor warns that humans may lose control over artificial intelligence

When it comes to AI risks and threats, the National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate (RDI) primarily looks at the impact on critical systems and cybersecurity. But of course, the organization also sees reports of discrimination, undermining democracy and gerrymandering, for example, a spokesperson said.

Given particularly rapid developments in artificial intelligence, he believes no clear answer can be given to the question of what the biggest risks are. “This requires constant testing and evaluation. Several supervisors, such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority, are working on this in their region. RDI works in the field of cybersecurity and critical systems together with the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and the National Center for Cybersecurity ( NCSC) to monitor this on an ongoing basis.”

How should we as a society deal with artificial intelligence and its risks?

“AI also offers many advantages, of course. That is why it is being used so quickly and widely. As a society, we must find a good balance between using and stimulating innovations while at the same time protecting public interests. There is currently no definitive way to deal with this.”

“If you are using AI as a person or organization, you should consider the potential risks. Such as sharing information with companies or privacy. Also, AI does not always generate reliable results or answers. This varies greatly between different AI systems and their applications.”

Do you think the fear that humanity will lose control over AI if it is not handled properly is realistic?

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“No one can answer this right now. No one has a crystal ball to predict the future. So the most important question is: What should we do to ensure that AI is used correctly and responsibly? This is where awareness helps.” “But also the upcoming AI law, the European requirements and frameworks for AI. Citizens, companies and governments all play their own role in this.”

“If everyone is aware of the risks and handles them responsibly, we will have come a long way.”