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The Red De Keer Action Committee launches a new petition against the advent of ... (Wommelgem)

The Red De Keer Action Committee launches a new petition against the advent of … (Wommelgem)

This spring, residents were still cleaning their doors themselves: with a garbage campaign. Now there is a new petition. © Nick Hans

Oelegem / Ranst / Wommelgem

With a new petition, Red De Keer notes that the relatively intact landscape between E313 and the Albert Canal remains threatened. This time the focus is on global warming.

De Keer, about two hundred hectares or four hundred football fields, is a large open space on the border of Wommelgem and Oelegem, which the Flemish government wants to turn into a huge industrial area within the framework of its economic network Albert Canal. These plans go back to 2004, but then hit the impossibility of providing good access via the overcrowded E313.

Recently, plans have resurfaced. In a decision passed at the end of 2020, the Flemish government reaffirmed its industrial ambitions with De Keer. The Citizens Action Committee Red De Keer, comprising most of the hundred families who lived scattered among the fields, awoke again in one fell swoop. You are trying to keep concrete mixers at a safe distance and want to cancel all plans for new roads and industrial areas.

© RR

In February, there was a digital information evening attended by a large number of people about the plans and how hard and menacing they are. On Easter, the trash was removed. Now there is a new petition. This confirms the global warming argument much more strongly.

“All governments, including citizens, are taking climate action: removing hardness, collecting and infiltrating water, planting forests and hedges, clearing weeds, maintaining open spaces…But the government will only occupy 200 hectares of open space here for concrete, factories and new roads?” he said. Red De Ker spokespersons, Peter Jokems and Nick Hanes, “we think that’s ridiculous.”

Currently, the number of people supporting Red De Keer’s demands is 625. The task force aims to get thousands of signatures because: “Saving De Keer: It would be a climate-assured measure,” according to Jochems and Hans. (ja)

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