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The Red Devil Timothy Castanee dreams despite the double interruption in ...

The Red Devil Timothy Castanee dreams despite the double interruption in …

Timothy Castagne had a rough night and flight after being discharged from Russia due to a double fracture of his eye socket. He must now rest at home awaiting the operation scheduled for Tuesday in Antwerp. The player is in good spirits and hopes to reach the final.

Timothy Castagne is back home after returning with the team from Saint Petersburg to Charleroi this morning. The Arlon defender had a turbulent night after his tough encounter with Russian Dalar Kozyev. Despite the painkillers, he will be in a lot of pain and drooling too. The flight also did not go smoothly. CastaƱe’s eyes were still swollen when he arrived in Belgium and he was sent home as quickly as possible to rest and relieve his eye congestion.

Initial diagnosis shows a double fracture of the eye socket, below and to the right of his right eye. Belgian federal doctor Christoph Sass scheduled an operation for Castin in Antwerp on Tuesday morning. But the operation can only be done if his eye is not swollen enough and after he has been swabbed again on Monday evening. If not, the operation will be postponed.

Castagne’s doctors and her entourage want to proceed as carefully as possible. The player, who was allowed to start immediately on his first major tournament, also had to deal a psychological blow. However, Castagne has not yet given up hope of returning to the championship. In his opinion, he could be part of the group if the Red Devils reach the European Championship final on July 11. And Roberto Martinez, the national team coach, had said on Saturday evening that the Leicester defender’s championship had ended.

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