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The red dragon comes home with its tail between its legs: "There may be criticism" |  European Volleyball Championship

The red dragon comes home with its tail between its legs: “There may be criticism” | European Volleyball Championship

The defeat to Ukraine was the final nail in the Red Dragons’ coffin, but playmaker Sten de Holst knows it has gone wrong before. The loss to Portugal was decisive.”

“As a result, we had to beat Ukraine who are playing well. We were confident and started well. We couldn’t keep up.”

“So we had that on our hands, but it wasn’t good enough. We expected a lot from this European Championship, but it failed.”

D’Hulst does not want to use the convenience of the new generation as an excuse. “These guys did a very good job. Congratulations on how they adapted to the international level. I’m proud that I was able to coach them.”

And the Spanish national coach Muñoz? Will he be allowed to stay? “This will certainly be discussed in the evaluation after the European Championships. But first we have to look at ourselves.”

Hendrik Turlinks also makes no secret that an early elimination is a bitter disappointment. “But there were doubts before the tournament.”

“We are playing a mediocre summer and even a bad final for the quartet (from the European Volleyball League). We have to admit that it was not good, so there can be criticisms.”

“We are doing our best, but we have not succeeded. I believe in our talents, but steps still have to be taken.”

“The group that is now gradually disappearing (including Tuerlinckx himself) also took a few years to reach this level. Belgian volleyball fans will have to be patient for a few years.”

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