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The Red Flame begins its preparations for the European Championship with a defeat against England |  football

The Red Flame begins its preparations for the European Championship with a defeat against England | football

belgian footballYou lose to a clearly better opponent. In a stadium full of noise, it shows with a lot of noise that the opponent has the advantage and Red Flames close those gaps and count on a few moments. This could be the blueprint for the next European Flame Championship. Except that Italy and Iceland cannot do what England can do.

First, a few details in a row: The Caymans are still getting some rest due to this very long season and many trophies with Lyon. Vande Velde, Bloom and fourth goalkeeper Bastian were also in the stands and were not involved in the 23-match pick. Also on the side: Justin Vanhevermaet. She made it very clear yesterday: she’s training, but she’s not playing for some time.

Tonight’s opponent was the very ambitious host country of the European Championship. The lionesses are number 6 in Europe and they want to win the European Championship. England is England. 11 consecutive unbeaten and 72 goals scored.


Serneels left the young half of his top eleven aside, and Sarina Wiegman barely made some surprising choices. The flames were the underdog: on paper they were the least and on the field more than 10,000 people were siding with the opponent.

Body and presence, you can also say that there is a difference in this area, it quickly became apparent. Deloose and Delacauw were largely outdone. Evrard was able to block a shot from White from close range. Kwiek, with a quick dribble, passed Hemp Wijnants and Deloose. Evrard is now stepping into the right position. Biesmans also got a bad kick. friendly? Ellen White was already in tournament mode. Stanway slipped through the defense again. Fired wide. corner. The English women put everyone away, hitting the ball hard.

And what about the flame? Run behind the ball and the opponent with more muscle. 32 min. Philly Delaco immediately showed that she deserved a place in the selection. She captured the ball and quickly went through De Caigny, Wullaert and Minnaert. Dellacao put the ball wide. This is how you should be against more powerful opponents. A little shy at first, but getting better every minute: Willy Dellacao.

Lauren Hemp came in from the right, did everything right and knocked Evrard with a blow. However, Kiss was in the right place at the right time. 0-0 in the first half. A difficult first run, surviving 14 attempts.

In the center of the defense, Tessiak replaced De Neve and Tyson Kiss. The next switch indicated that we are not thick in our backs. Dhont still has half an hour before her return. Wijnants became right-back, Deloose left-back. This was done twice. Missipo, who was also back, also got half an hour. Dellaco went to the side.

Kelly was too fast for Deloose after that. Tessiak heard Kirby gasping at his neck. She had nothing to do. own goal. Before the 70th minute, England scored three times after a corner kick. Rachel Daley entered.

Donut turns Demi Stokes to the wind and returns the ball. Wullaert shot high above. The attackers were in constant trouble. Wallart came up with the ball a few times. De Kenny was removed from the match.

Another English corner. Vangelo kept a header from Paris outside the goal. The rebound was for Willamson, the ball hit the crossbar and across Everer the score was 3-0.

No, Belgium is not a match for the top spot in Europe. This was England, a friendly, 3-0. From July 10, it will be Iceland, France and Italy Full power

Belgium setting: Evrard, Deloose, Kees (Tison), De Neve (Tysiak), Philtjens (Dhont), Biesmans (Vanmechelen), Délacauw (Missipo), Minnaert, Wullaert, De Caigny, Wijnants (Vangheluwe)

Tina DeGene.

Tina DeGene. © BELGA



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