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The remedy fixes more details about the Alan Wake 2 expansions

The remedy fixes more details about the Alan Wake 2 expansions

With the release of Alan Wake 2 behind us, developer Remedy Entertainment thought it was time to reveal more details about the upcoming expansions. The game will receive a total of two paid expansions, Night Springs and The Lakehouse.

The first expansion for Night Springs is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2024. A release date for The Lakehouse is currently unknown.

The Night Springs expansion feels a bit mysterious, as visions and dreams play a central role. This is how written fiction comes to life. Although imagination can also collapse and remain just a bunch of words on a page. And those stories are told at Night Springs. As a player, you take on the role of different characters in the world of Alan Wake and experience inexplicable things through Night Springs, a popular but fictional TV show set in the world of Alan Wake.

The Lakehouse, on the other hand, is a mysterious site on the edge of Lake Cauldron, founded by an independent government organization. Until something goes wrong. So it’s up to you to explore the Lakehouse through two different adventures, where the realities of Alan Wake and Saga Anderson intertwine.

Note that Remedy Entertainment previously promised a lot of free DLC for Alan Wake 2. New Game Plus will also be added via an additional update. This mode promises to completely change things. This way, all weapons and upgrades are retained, but you can tackle the brand new Nightmare difficulty level. New Game Plus will also get an alternate story, with additional scripts and videos.

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Alan Wake 2 received very positive reviews. Have you played the title yet?