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The return of 'That Man Next to Acid' and the unique new version of 'Summer Pictures': This was the 'Smartest Person in the World'

The return of ‘That Man Next to Acid’ and the unique new version of ‘Summer Pictures’: This was the ‘Smartest Person in the World’

It happened: for the first time in The smartest person in the world There are two professors sitting side by side in a ring. Virologist Stephen van Gucht sits next to condensation expert Gert Mayfrut and actress Anne-Laurie Vandepute. Anyone who thinks that only the level of answers will be high on Wednesday evening is wrong. The number of laughs was also at its highest. Stephen van Gucht in particular was in a cheerful mood.

Eva de Porter

Wednesday Night Winner:

Intensivist expert Geert Meyfroidt convinced the entire episode and finished in 481 seconds.


Actress Anne-Laure Vandeputte has to leave the game after four episodes. Virologist Stephen van Gogh was able to add the two essential keywords to the last question.

Thursday night newcomer:

Dutch cabaret artist Arjen Lubach

Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe: “Stephen, have you taken a lot of baths with lavender oil?”

Van Gucht:(Believes) “Pacholi!”

Bart Kanerts: “Does this still exist?”

Van Gucht: “Yeah, looks like that was still in my wardrobe.”


Van Lowe: “Are there still people who don’t know you?”

Van Gucht: Absolute. Among the younger generation they know me as: Ha, you’re that guy next to Acid!


Van Lowe: “It is unclear whether you have a girlfriend or not. But it is not Erica Flegg, is it?”

Van Gucht: “No no.”

Van Lowe: “There are rumors that you might have something with VRT news anchor, Fatma Taspinar.”

Van Gucht: “Ha, no. I won’t comment on that.”

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Mayfreud: “me too.”


Bucky de reaper: “Steven Van Gucht is kind of a father figure to me. Because when my dad was coming in, I also knew: Sorry, that’s not good. “

The most beautiful moment:

The hands of directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah were released for a while. So they were happy to say “yes” to a question from VRT for summer pictures To guide. “It’s really time for a remake,” the duo said. With the necessary CGI and special effects of course. Although it will be hard to decide if you want to go to the coast, with Godzilla and explosions all around you.