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Prost enjoyed a giant fight: 'Probably the best season ever'

Prost enjoyed a giant fight: ‘Probably the best season ever’

The title duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton ensured that many fans were glued to the tube. The fight was intense and parallel for a long time, but it also attracted a lot of new fans of the sport. Not only were the fans amazed, the experts also witnessed a strange battle.

Alain Prost has fought many tough battles in his long career with fellow legend Ayrton Senna. However, the Frenchman enjoyed his current title match. Speaking at Canal+: “We had two exceptional drivers this year, with two different teams. They were very different in their mentality, their personality and their style.”

The four-time world champion licks his fingers in combat. He is happy to share his views: “It was beautiful. Formula 1 has reached the new generation and that is partly due to Max’s performance. This was probably the best season ever.”

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