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"The sexy Cercle plays Rabbi Matondo for JPL for 3 million euros" |  Football 24

“The sexy Cercle plays Rabbi Matondo for JPL for 3 million euros” | Football 24

Monday 07 March 2022 – 12:30 am by the editors

Every season you have a player who literally surprises everyone. This is especially noticeable in a “smaller” club. Rabbi Matondo is a good example of this.

The 21-year-old Welshman has a gold value for the Circle Brugge with his impressive stats and phenomenal speed. So it sure looks like he’s going to have a great career. The only question is which club. It is now rented from Schalke 04.

Of course, that will also depend on the pennies. latest news It is known that Cercle Brugge negotiated a purchase option last summer that, according to technical director Carlos Avena, is “very feasible.” The newspaper states that it relates to an amount of approximately three million euros.

Matondo himself dreams of returning to the Premier League, he is originally from Manchester City. “But I hope we can still convince the rabbi,” Avena said. “Certainly if he is going to make it to the World Cup with Wales. Cercle Brugge is no longer a relegation team, as it was with Ogbo at the time.”


There were no clear agreements with Iké Ugbo, who was hired from Chelsea and left for KRC Genk after his best season in Bruges. Which eventually led to some misery. With Matondo, these agreements are said to have been made.