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The shooting of a new series of “Arcadia” has begun |  showbiz

The shooting of a new series of “Arcadia” has begun | showbiz

The series tells the story of a new community, Arcadia, that emerges after a major disaster. Due to the scarcity of resources, a point system was introduced: Citizen’s Score. It defines what you can and can do in this community, and what you are entitled to as a citizen. Arcadia follows a law-abiding family, and thanks to her high score, she can lead a good life. But everything changes when it is revealed that the father of the family cheated into keeping his two daughters up high.

It is a Flemish-Dutch series, with Lynn van Roen, Jane Pervoets, Wim Oberuk and Natalie Broads in the main roles. Registration takes place in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. The series will be shown on One. “I am very happy that we are able to offer our viewers our own novels of international appeal, thanks to the European cooperation,” says Network Director Lotte Vermeer. Arcadia raises some basic questions that everyone struggles with to a greater or lesser degree: Are we in solidarity or do we choose for ourselves? In the thrilling and compelling story, we explore what a potential new world might look like, through the eyes of ordinary people finding their way and trying to survive. This, in addition to this outstanding cast with Flemish and Dutch names, will ensure a very exciting and well-known series. “

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