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The son of a Holocaust survivor flew Afghan refugees to the United States

The son of a Holocaust survivor flew Afghan refugees to the United States

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Delta Airlines pilot Alexander Khan last week sent hundreds of Afghan refugees to the United States from Rammstein airport in Germany.

Khan told CNN that the plane made sense to him for a number of reasons. First, his father was a survivor of the Holocaust, and he became a refugee for the helpless in America.

“I am the son of an immigrant to the United States. My father escaped from the Holocaust and was liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp by Patton’s Third Army. “New Day”.

“He started his life without any of the clothes he wore, the family, the English skills. Fortunately, he resumed his life in the land of the possible.

When asked how he felt on the ship, Khan said he could put himself in the position of a refugee.

“It will be a terrifying experience for them, but it will be a great experience for them. My father went to the United States, learned English, went to school, became a doctor and many years later was again a doctor in the US Army in West Germany,” he said.

Khan noted that the flight attendants prepared the night before the flight by purchasing diapers, books, candy and other essentials for Afghan refugees. They know these evacuees will come without a chance to prepare, “he said. The flight attendants refused to refund their expenses.

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Perman asked Khan what he would say to his passengers in a few years if given the chance.

I think I can ask them how their experience was. Were they able to achieve the goals they had never thought possible? To give them hope, to show that we are a country of legal immigrants and that this is what America built. We are a generous country because we are a generous people and they have a future.

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