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Venezuela: Bitcoin theft case of national importance: 23-year-old PTC allegedly embezzled $ 1 million

The 23-year-old Venezuelan is wanted by police for forging his own kidnapping and stealing his customers’ money amid chaos.

Venezuelan authorities are searching for a fraudster accused of stealing 23.66 bitcoin (PTC) worth $ 1.15 million. That news is the crypto news site Cointelegraph. These cryptocurrencies were in the accounts of his clients, local investors, and a financial advisor. The thief is said to have succeeded in simulating his own kidnapping.

Empty Accounting Accounts

On August 29, Douglas Rico, director of the Venezuelan Criminal Investigation Service, released the statement Declaration From. It said 23-year-old Andres Jesus dos Santos Hernandez was wanted by the country’s largest national police agency on charges of money laundering and fraud.

Authorities allege Hernandez carried out the abduction because when he went missing, The AccountingHis clients’ accounts were emptied. Hernandez is said to have simulated a hijacking, where his hijackers were allegedly forced to transfer to various digital wallets on the finance platform (…).


Venezuela has long been a global hotspot for bitcoin adoption. Citizens of the country are returning to cryptocurrency assets High inflation, Has been in the country for the past decade Tormented, Put up a fight.

For Venezuela, cryptocurrencies are a means of value savings and access to international markets, as well as a transfer medium for receiving US dollars.

The Venezuelan government also wanted to benefit from the crypto hype: it had previously tried to force its oil-based cryptocurrency petro. However, the currency did not see a decline in interest among locals.