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The sun is setting for the next 30 West Flemish companies

The sun is setting for the next 30 West Flemish companies

The company courts in Bruges, Kortrijk, Fjorn and Ypres declared 30 bankruptcies between 2 and 8 April. The overview provides the opportunity for creditors to make a claim.


  • Doozy, consulting in the field of public relations and communication (Knokke-heist). Coordinator Dave Pardo.
  • Wildemersch Janes, Landscape Care (Wingen). Coordinator Sabine de Wispelaere.
  • They worshiped me Deer, full-service restaurants (Buruj). Exhibition curator Serge Carton.
  • The ascent is stable De Goudblomme, cafes and bars (Bruges). Coordinator Alex Fromabout.


  • Calbutrance, Rent and rental of agricultural machinery and equipment (Zwevegem). Coordinator Geert Soutert.
  • Heldt MarioCafes and bars (Harelbeke). Coordinator Peter Deuel.
  • DonG Design Products, Manufacture of other plastic products (Cortrek). Coordinator Arne Verschuer.
  • UNCONSCIOUS COMPANY LIMITED, Manufacture of machines, devices and other tools for specific purposes, not classified elsewhere (Lendelede). Coordinator Tim Derink.
  • ImpexBif, Services related to land transportation (Kortrijk). Coordinator Peter Sostrunk.
  • International Trading LLC, DIY stores and other general building materials stores (Izegem). Coordinator Virginie Bailiol.
  • Maize Lander– Roofing works (Roeselare). Coordinator Liz Vermeersch.
  • Vandenbosch Berthold, the practice of performing arts by artists working independently (Roeselare). Coordinator An Sterckx.
  • Emitel Belgium, Other specialized scientific and technical activities (Roeselare). Coordinator Natalie Bernert.
  • Belint, Limited Service Restaurants (Anzegem). Hosted by Laurence Montagne.
  • Garden concept Levin, Landscape Care (Waregem). Coordinator Yves Beinart.
  • Vanmeerhaeghe ThierryVarious administrative activities for offices (where). Coordinator Willem Whittock.
  • Demir Anki, cafes and bars (from where). Coordinator Sophie Vanden Bulk.
  • Lono, Manufacture of lighting equipment (Ostrozbeki). Coordinator Ellen De Geeter.
  • time And Tides, Car wash and cleaning (Welspec). Coordinator Frederik VanRykjem.
  • Goossens RicardoRetail sale of computers, accessories and software in specialized stores (Avelgem). Coordinator Kathleen Segers.
  • Terabo– Preparing construction sites (Miolipiki). Coordinator Elissa Dexter.
  • Mathewson Consulting and DesignHoldings (Kortrik). Coordinator Karel Romines.
  • Hansens and La Grange, Holding (Oostrozebeke). Coordinator Martin Vinker.
  • The three keys, cafes and bars (from where). Coordinator Valerie Strager.
  • jelly the man, Electrical installation works on buildings (WaveGem). Coordinator Karel Romines.
  • Cutin FrederickLandscape Care (Harelbeke). Coordinator Philippe Gecker.
  • generous, full-service restaurants (Kortrijk). Coordinator Philippe Gecker.
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  • Geldof, Breeding of dairy cows (cokellari). Content coordinator Patrick.


  • Belba International Trade CompanyData processing, website hosting and related activities (Moorslede). Coordinator Jonah DeKeser.
  • Clueert NanamiCatering (Moorsled). Coordinator Antoine van Eeckhout.

More details about the different bankruptcies can be found on our website Overview page.

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