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The Taliban wants to increase Afghan exports to save the economy |  abroad

The Taliban wants to increase Afghan exports to save the economy | abroad

abroadThe Taliban government is working on a plan to increase exports to save the Afghan economy. In Afghanistan threatens great famine Now that foreign aid to the country has stopped, due to the control of the radical Islamic regime.

“The only way to achieve economic self-sufficiency is to boost local products and export them abroad,” Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, the Taliban’s deputy foreign minister told a meeting in Kabul. His comments point to a shift in the country where foreign aid makes up more than 40 percent of the economy. According to Stanikzai, international humanitarian aid alone cannot solve Afghanistan’s economic problems or prevent the country from sliding further into poverty.

Freezing of foreign reserves

The Taliban’s attempt to achieve self-sufficiency is also due to the fact that Afghanistan has lost access to its foreign reserves of about $9 billion (€7.95 billion). The United States froze these reserves after the regime took power in August. In 2020, Afghanistan imported most of its basic goods, worth $9 billion. The exports amounted to only about 800 million dollars and consisted of agricultural products such as pine nuts and dried fruits, mainly to China, Pakistan and Iran.

The United States is referred to as a scapegoat

Once again, Stanikzai blamed the United States for the chaos in the country and called on Americans to release foreign money. As part of a new measure to evade the Taliban, the United States plans to provide assistance directly to the Afghan people.

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restrictions on women

Since taking power, the Taliban have done so Many restrictions placed on women and girls, despite previous promises that the system would be less stringent than it was in its first reign between 1996 and 2001. According to Nizar Muhammad Irfan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, the regime wants to end restrictions on the education of teenage girls. Next year. The Taliban hope they can get more foreign aid again.

The Taliban do not have access to the reserves of the Afghan American Central Bank

Taliban says US will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan