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The transport company in Brussels has to pay 50,000 euros to the applicant who wears a headscarf

The transport company in Brussels has to pay 50,000 euros to the applicant who wears a headscarf

May 8, 2021 10:40 am – World


In a recent ruling by a labor court, Belgian judicial authorities indicted the transport company Mivb for discriminating on the basis of religious belief and gender. The complainant succeeded, believing that she was the victim of direct discrimination based on her religious beliefs and indirect discrimination on the basis of gender.

The case dates back to 2015, when the young woman applied for a job at Mivb. According to her, she refused to wear a headscarf. Then I decided to file a complaint with the labor court. She was assisted with her actions by the Interfederal Equal Opportunities Center Unia. According to them, women were subjected to discrimination based on religious beliefs. Unia required the carrier not to exercise exclusive neutrality in its recruitment procedures. The Human Rights League is also involved in the case. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries assumes that the principle of neutrality is linked to the situation in which no person is allowed to wear the headscarf. The same applies to other people who want to express their opinions or beliefs for other reasons.

However, the Labor Court is asking the Ministry of Manpower and Youth not to base its employment policy on the exclusive principle of neutrality that forbids wearing any sign of conviction. It also admits that the complainant was discriminated against in her applications because of her religious beliefs, as well as indirectly because of her gender. Mivb must pay compensation of 50,000 euros.

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This is not the first time that a public authority in Brussels has been convicted of discrimination. In 2015, the Brussels Labor Office convicted Actiris for the same reasons. Mivb still has the option to appeal against this ruling. “We’ve noticed it and are analyzing it internally to see if we’re going to resume,” MIVB says. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Hajar Lorese, this matter may set a precedent in other cases.