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"The Turkish state is finished" - Business AM

“The Turkish state is finished” – Business AM

Erdogan has molded the Turkish state according to his ideal, but at the same time he has removed all the knowledge that was in the ranks of the government. After the failed 2016 coup, which Erdogan blamed on exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, the Turkish state embarked on a massive purge of its civil services. With a huge loss of knowledge and experience as a resultAnd Samra Alkan writes on the Karar website.

Tens of thousands of officials have been arrested or dismissed, including more than 2,000 judges. Additional purges followed, and by 2018 — when Erdogan was re-elected and began to transform Turkey’s parliamentary political system into one in which power remains with the president — 10 percent of Turkey’s two million civil servants had already been dismissed.

These were mostly people who thought outside of Turkey’s “pensée fred”. As a result, any progress appears to be faltering and the country slowly sinking into chaos. “Who are the people who took their place? Unqualified followers of the ruling political class?”, Alkan asks.

rapid inflation

As a result, the Turkish people have lost faith in the legal system. Erdogan Clashes again and again With its Western and NATO allies. Then there is the economy. rapid inflation (Almost 20 percent in OctoberAnd the Turkish lira, which is declining more every day against the US dollar and the euro, does not prevent Erdogan from cutting interest rates further. Erdogan argues that high interest rates cause high inflation, but this goes against popular economic theory. Usually, lowering the interest rate will cause prices to rise. Last month, Erdogan fired two top executives at Turkey’s central bank I sent. Erdogan has previously replaced top central bank officials.

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Meanwhile, more and more ambitious young Turks are leaving the country and looking for their future elsewhere. “The Turkish state is over,” concludes Alkan.