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The U.S. military says it expects a Chinese invasion of Taiwan within six years

A senior US military chief has warned that China could invade Taiwan in about six years. The move seeks Beijing to increase its military dominance with US troops in East Asia.

Admiral Philip Davidson, East Asia’s oldest US servant, told a Senate committee that China was “anxious to see an international leadership take over from the United States by 2050 – faster than expected.” “Connecting Taiwan was one of the ambitions they had at the time. That threat will emerge in this decade, perhaps over the next six years.”

Taiwan has felt the threat of Chinese invasion for many years. Beijing regards Taiwan as a treacherous province and has promised to annex it frequently.

Former President Trump demanded good relations with Taiwan during the trade dispute with China. Heir Biden said he would continue to follow that path in January and wanted to have a better relationship with the island.

Threat to Guam

Admiral is more concerned about the American island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Davidson said the Chinese military has a simulation video capturing an island base very similar to US bases on the islands of Guam and Diego Garcia.

To counter that threat, Davidson thinks it would be wise to place more long-range weapons on island bases. “A variety of precision long-range weapons are important to the instability of the Western Pacific situation.”